Indochine Industries is a lumber and logging company that specializes in providing wood for furniture making and construction. We do logging mainly in Ohio and supply our wood to Ohio and surrounding states. We use legal practices and follow the rules and guidelines for logging. We value the environment and try to cause as little damage as possible.

Indochine Industries have been operational since 1975 and is still one of the biggest and most trusted logging companies around. We pride ourselves on good and responsible practice and great customer service. We have grown with the times and operate with the use of machinery and hand tools. Our projects involve both clear-cutting and selective logging depending on the need and area.

This website is a blog focused on informing our readers, customers, and potential customers about what we do, how we do it, and how we try to give the best quality lumber and logs with the least amount of environmental damage. The site offers a lot of interesting and important information and also gives tips on caring for furniture and how to choose the right type of wood.

We hope that being informed and understanding the processes involved, our readers will become more aware of the need for wood, the need for sustainable options for logging, and the fact that they also have a responsibility when it comes to logging.

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