Advertising online and on websites and blogs is one of the best ways to be seen. Many people no longer use things like telephone books to find what they want. Online presence and word-of-mouth are your two best options for getting new clients. Indochine Industries are offering an opportunity to make yourself visible online.

Advertise With Us

To take your business to the next level, advertise with us. You can choose what type of advertisement you would like and we place it and run it for the agreed upon period. If you find that you get results and would like to keep advertising here, you have the option to renew your spot.

How Does It Work?

Follow these steps:

1. Decide you want to have more clients.

2. Send us an email with your details, a short description of your business, a brief background of yourself, and a sample advertisement.

3. We process your request and contact you to agree on the terms of our arrangement.

4. You make the necessary payments and we place your ad.

5. You get a lot of new site visits, phone call, emails, and business.

What is Available?

Currently, we only have 2 open spots for advertisements.

1. 1x banner advertisement – a spot at the top of our ABOUT page is available at $100 per month for a minimum of 2 months.

2. 1x sidebar advertisement – a spot on the side of the BLOG pages and is available for $80 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

Any company is welcome to apply. Obviously, businesses that are in niches relating to wood, logging, lumber, furniture, etc. stand a better chance of drawing customers.

Contact us today at to book your ad spot.