Facts About the Logging and Lumber Industry

Wood is one of the most versatile and most durable materials we have. You get different kinds that are harder and softer and based on this they are used for a variety of purposes. Deforestation is a huge problem in the world, but most lumber and logging companies claim that they remain within the regulations and limits that are set out by law. To better understand the process and why it can have dire consequences when done incorrectly, you need to know how it works.

Logging Methods, Cutting, and Transportation

Clear cutting and selective logging. These are the two types of logging. Clear-cutting means that everything in an area is cut down, while selective logging chooses a few specific trees to cut down and keep the rest of the area intact.

No more lumberjacks. Very few logging companies still use lumberjacks and saws to cut down trees. Today, the process is highly mechanized and makes use of bulldozers to push over and drag trees to where they are cut up.

Setting up camps and building roads cause damage. The damage caused by clearing areas for camps and roads to reach the logging site is often worse than the actual logging.

Cut to size. Once the tree is down and moved to a cutting area, very skilled lumbermen take to cutting the branches off or cutting the tree to standard sized logs.

Transportation can be a tough job. Being a lumberman has many dangers and some of the greatest ones are involved with marking and transportation of the trees and logs. There are different ways to transport the wood that range from lines and ropes to bulldozers.

Logging Companies

Logging companies need to stick to certain laws and rules, but these are relatively easy to get by because there isn’t enough resources and manpower to enforce the rules. A logging company needs to contact the relevant government and get grants and permits to start an operation on public lands.

Logging is necessary for us to have firewood and wood for furniture and construction. However, there are many animals that also need trees and we need trees to stay alive. Logging practices have greatly contributed to deforestation and have caused many problems. Many companies are looking into making use of more environmentally friendly practices, but this usually takes time and money.