6 Steps to Restore Aged Wood and Make it Long Young Again

You can buy furniture from the best suppliers and stores and have the highest quality of wood furniture, but eventually, the wood will start showing signs of aging. No matter what the type of wood and how well you look after it, eventually age will show. Taking good care of your furniture will help to delay the process, however. If one of your prized pieces have seen better days or you want to restore an old piece of furniture, follow these steps to make the wood look young again.

1. Strip the Paint – Use a chemical stripper to strip the paint or varnish from your furniture. You should do this in a well-ventilated room or outside and make sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear. The stripper softens the paint so you can scrape off the layers. Allow about 10 minutes for the stripper to work before you start scraping.

2. Clean the Wood – After stripping and scraping, clean the wood with mineral spirits and clean cloths or rags. Leave the furniture to dry.

3. Sand the Furniture – To make sure all the paint is removed, you need to sand the wood. Use 80 to 100 grit sandpaper and always remember to work with the grain and not against it. Sanding also prepares the wood to be stained.

4. Fix the Problem Areas – Aged furniture often have problems or defects like holes, dents, or nicks. You can now fill these up with wood filler or wood paste. When applying it, make sure you have a smooth finish that molds with the wood.

5. Sand it Again – A second round of sanding is needed to make sure the fixes blend with the rest of the wood. You should use a finer sandpaper now to start creating a more elegant finish.

6. Stain and Re-stain – Now that everything is smoothed out you can start applying stain coats. You should choose a color that matches the original color. Apply a coat of stain and let it dry. Keep applying coats until you are happy with the color and finish.

The process is actually quite simple and gets easier the more you do it. Restoring furniture and rejuvenating the wood is a great project that is fun as well.